We accept patients into our SECOND TRIMESTER program who are between 14 and 21 weeks from their last menstrual period.

Patients 20-21 weeks must call for an appointment and be given Arkansas State mandated information. Arkansas has a 48 Hour Waiting Period that requires (2) visits to our office prior to having an abortion.

The "weeks gestation" is accurately determined by ultrasound examination. Pregnancy is dated from the date of the last menstrual period (LMP). It is known that the time of conception is normally two weeks after the beginning of the last menstrual period. Our upper limit by ultrasound is 5.1 cm, which is 21 weeks from the last menstrual period (19 weeks after conception).

If you are interested in knowing the appearance of the fetus at various stages of pregnancy click on links below.

Or if you are interested in state provided information about fetal pain click on links below:

Abortion Decision Book - English

Abortion Decision Book - Spanish

Our goal is to provide each patient with the safest abortion possible; we insert laminaria which dilate or open the cervix on the first visit and then complete the abortion on the next day.

Laminaria are matchstick like pieces of sterilized seaweed which, when placed in the cervix, will absorb fluid and gradually swell in a sponge-like fashion. They gently open and soften the cervix. Insertion of the laminaria is a brief procedure.

Each patient is given a detailed list of instructions to follow after the laminaria insertion. A nurse and physician from our staff are on-call for after hour’s consultation should you have concerns or needs.

You are required to be within 30 minutes from our clinic during the two-day process to assure that we are available and nearby should you need medical care. It is essential that you call the clinic with any problems or concerns. DO NOT go to a hospital before calling us.

The following morning, you will return to the clinic, and while under IV sedation, the laminaria are removed and the abortion completed.

After a recovery room stay of usually less than 1 hour, you will be released from the clinic to return home. Even though you will feel fully alert, however, you will still be under the influence of the drugs used for your sedation. For your safety and that of others you must wait at least until the next day before you drive, operate machinery or drink alcohol.

On the day of the appointment

Second Trimester

The 48 Hour Waiting Period prior to your abortion will be enforced.

• Expect to be at the clinic for approximately 2-4 hours each day of your two day visit schedule.

• For your own safety, you are required to bring an escort to drive you home after the procedure.

• Please bring Ibuprofen or Advil, and maxi pads for the overnight stay.

• It will be necessary for you to be close to the clinic (within 30 minutes) on the evening between visit one and two. This is for your safety and will allow us to manage complications should they arise.

• If overnight accommodations are needed, several reasonably priced, quality motels are located nearby. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible and will provide a map and all contact information. [click here for Hotel Recommendations]

> Aftercare & Follow-up

Aftercare Instructions brochure [PDF]

PRINT: Preparing for Your Appointment [PDF] & Patient Information [PDF]

Bring both of these documents with you at the time of your appointment.